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a week within photographs, one.

Study for Adam in the Disputa, c. 1508-10. Chalk and/or charcoal with white heightening. 35.7 x 21.2 cm. © Gallerie degli Uffizi, Gabinetto dei Disegni e delle Stampe, Florence


A week of art and a lost great-grandmother. I spent most of the week, when not at wake meetings and florists, reading and watching films; the ultimate comfort. I was a pallbearer, something I'm proud of and I wore her rings, watch, and C broach. A collection of items that represented her the most.

Great-grandparent's wedding | 1947. 

My great-grandmother was Slovak, something she spoke of often, over coffee and in front of a large puzzle. Her father came from Czechoslovakia and settled down with a girl from a small Pennsylvania town. My grandmother was one of nine, born April 23, 1926, and was the last to pass away.

Male nude and other studies, 1858Gustave Moreau

My great-grandfather, who passed in the spring of 2004, was Polish. Both of his parents came from Poland. He loved baseball and became a mailman after the war. He and my grandmother settled down in his parent's house and had two children.

My grandmother's room in her childhood home; complete with a photograph of her parents, a photograph of me, and two nineteen-sixties milk glass lamps.

I watched two documentaries on Caravaggio and one on the pianist Glenn Gould. Coffee was poured frequently and pages were flipped slower than in other months but flipped nonetheless. It rained more the first couple of days, leaving the Slovak cemetery a pond of water, tall-grasses, and tipped over stones, black and white, shadowing over faded imitation flowers. The only thing that was new at first and last glance were the American flags; bright among the dulited olive-green hills.

Great-grandmother's things.